Christmas & New Year dates 2022/2023

  • Christmas & New Year Delivery Dates 2022/2023

Our last delivery before Christmas is Wednesday 21st December
Have a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!!

Date Can my parcel be delivered on this day?
Tuesday 20th December YES
Wednesday 21st December YES
Thursday 22nd December NO
Friday 23rd December NO
Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve) NO
Sunday 25th December (Christmas Day) NO
Monday 26th December (Boxing Day) NO
Tuesday 27th December (Bank Holiday) NO
Wednesday 28th December NO
Thursday 29th December  YES
Friday 30th January NO
Saturday 31st January (NYE) NO
Sunday 1st January (NYD) NO
Monday 2nd January (Bank Holiday) NO

Tuesday 3rd January

Wednesday 4th January  YES
Normal Service Resumes