Fiiish Power Tail SW - Silver Sardine - 38mm

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Size: 38mm
Action: Xtra Fast
Colour: Silver Sardine
Weight: 10g
Type: Saltwater

A unique swim achieved by this new body / fin combination. 100% dynamic and constantly in motion, the fin oscillates the body and slows its descent. In the water, it becomes invisible and gives the lure a realistic swim that emits strong vibrations, imitating a fry fleeing. The lure swims downhill as well as in traction. Never has a lead lure been so alive!

Whether on the edge or close to hunts, the density of the Power Tail ®  in its sea version will allow you to achieve exceptional shooting distances!

The paddle of the Power Tail Saltwater has been designed to withstand the most powerful fish. The PVC used for its manufacture is almost unbreakable.