BioEdge Minnow Potion

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Have you ever wondered how fish find baits in coloured water and in the dark?… well the answer lies in their olfactory system which gives them a sense of smell far beyond anything we can comprehend. That’s why flavouring is a very important part of modern angling in terms of adding attraction and masking human smells that can be easily detected on rigs and bait. Bio Edge Potions are 100 per cent natural – they’re the real thing in a bottle – and it’s why saltwater and freshwater anglers should consider them in their armoury. It only take a few drops on a bait – whether that’s a worm, boilie, deadbait or part of your rig – to make a difference.

BioEdge Potions – the facts

• 100% natural. Oils, amino acids, pheromones, enzymes and natural feeding stimulants
• Fresh and Seawater
• Highly intensive, attract more fish and stimulate more fish takes
• Can be used on all styles of baits and tackle to attract fish and mask human smell
• Can be used to marinate your chosen bait
• Only one or two drops needed per application
• Winterised
Freshwater effective on Catfish, Zander, Perch, Pike, Chub etc….